Why Cryptocurrencies Drop Like a Rock Nowadays?

Cryptocurrencies are now trading assets for investors rather than being a utility product, which is the reality. As a result, when markets fall, cryptocurrency prices would most certainly fall as well. That is precisely what we are witnessing today.

These Major Companies Accept Bitcoin as Payment

However, a growing number of businesses across a wide range of industries – from major tech to airlines – are embracing cryptocurrencies and allowing customers to pay for their goods and services with them.

Bitcoin Consumes More Energy Than a Lot of Countries. Why Is That Possible?

Cryptocurrencies have emerged as one of the world’s most attractive, yet mystifying, investments. They have skyrocketed in value. Crypto markets have crashed. Their supporters argue that they would revolutionize the globe by displacing established currencies such as the dollar, rupee, and ruble. They are even named after dog memes.