Why Cryptocurrencies Drop Like a Rock Nowadays?

Cryptocurrencies are now trading assets for investors rather than being a utility product, which is the reality. As a result, when markets fall, cryptocurrency prices would most certainly fall as well. That is precisely what we are witnessing today.

Bitcoin Consumes More Energy Than a Lot of Countries. Why Is That Possible?

Cryptocurrencies have emerged as one of the world’s most attractive, yet mystifying, investments. They have skyrocketed in value. Crypto markets have crashed. Their supporters argue that they would revolutionize the globe by displacing established currencies such as the dollar, rupee, and ruble. They are even named after dog memes.

Why Should You Be Afraid of Owning Bitcoin?

Anyone who owns or is considering purchasing Bitcoin knows that the main cryptocurrency is extremely volatile. However, a detailed review of how wildly and crazily Bitcoin’s price swings—even within the same trading day— shows that it’s the world’s most volatile, risky, and completely unpredictable significant investment category.

What Happens to Bitcoin After All 21 Million Are Mined?

In many ways, Bitcoin is analogous to digital gold. Bitcoin, like gold, cannot be created at will, it requires effort to “extract.” Bitcoin must be “mined” by computing means, unlike gold, which must be removed from the actual earth.

Top 10 Crypto Tax Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Investing in Bitcoin or being paid in cryptocurrency may seem like the best idea since sliced bread or the worst possible use of your money, depending on the month, day, hour, or minute you check the headlines.

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